Ramen Noodles Feast

There are hundreds of combinations you can make with Ramen noodles! I will give you the how-to-guide to make a feast from what I have learned from my experiences with noodles. When I was a college student, I was taking a full load of credits and so I didn’t have much time to sit down and make a meal. Furthermore, even if I had the time, I would have had a small selection of meals that I knew. However, I learned quickly how to make Ramen noodles. Here is one of the combinations that I learned and the steps to doing it:

1) Choose two flavor Ramen noodles that you like from the store! The flavors can include chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, oriental, etc… I will choose beef for this article! Once you have your two beef noodles, crush them up nice and hard while they are still in the bag and then pour them into a bowl.

2) I then take some lunch meat that I bought from the store and slice it up into small pieces, and put them in the bowl. I have found ham or turkey to be the best tasting in the Ramen beef flavor. Usually, three pieces of lunch meat is sufficient for one person.

3) Don’t forget the tuna! Personally, I like tuna in water but I realize some people like it in brine or vegetable oil. Either way, tuna is a “must have” in this combination. I open the tuna and drain the juice out before pouring the tuna into the bowl, along with the lunch meat and noodles.

4) Add sardines or shrimp and drain them before adding! Sardines in mustard sauce is my favorite, but I know many people prefer shrimp. You can get the can at the store or you can buy fresh shrimp and peel them yourself before adding. Either way, a twist of seafood in addition to the tuna, is always an added blessing.

5) Add boiling water to the bowl until it reaches the top of where the ingredients are! Notice I didn’t say to add the seasoning pack from your noodles. If you do this, your feast is ruined! Put something over your bowl to keep it hot and leave it alone for three to five minutes.

6) Drain your noodles! Get all of the water out of your bowl and make sure you only have the ingredients!

7) Add seasoning and mustard and/or mayonnaise. This is your last step before mixing everything together with your spoon!

8) Once you have everything mixed together, take out a pack of saltine crackers and load up your cracker with a spoonful of delicious Ramen and eat until finished for best results!

This is a very inexpensive feats and one that will surely leave you satisfied for hours!

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