Light Healthy Meals at Burger King

Documentaries like Fast Food Nation and Super Size Me dealt a sever blow to the reputations of fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger King. Perhaps for the first time, consumers were exposed to the health risks of eating too much fast food in graphic detail. This, along with the increasing interest in healthy lifestyles forced these fast food chains to adapt their menus, offering lighter, healthier meal options.

Today, while Burger King is still synonymous with its juicy Whoppers, it has become easier than ever to have a light meal at this popular family fast food restaurant. Consumers can, of course, choose to have a Triple Whopper Sandwich with Cheese, which, at 1230 calories and 82g of fat, packs more calories and fat than the average woman needs in a day into one large sandwich. However, as part of its Positive Steps health and nutrition program, Burger King is committed to helping its patrons lead healthier lives by promoting balanced diets.

Under the Positive Steps program, Burger King has put together a list of menu options that when combined provide less than 650 calories. Customers can, for example, opt for a KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese entree, which contains just 160 calories. When combined with Apple Fries, a much healthier option than their regular salt-laden French fries, the total caloric intake is just 230 calories. If you choose to wash it down with a large Diet Coke, this adds just 5 calories to your diet, bringing the entire meal to 235 calories.

If you must have a sandwich, the Flame-broiled Cheeseburger contains just 310 calories while the extra hungry can opt for the Flame-broiled Double Hamburger which weighs in at 370 calories. Vegetarians can opt for the BK Veggie Burger, which at 400 calories is surprisingly heavier than the Double Hamburger.

With the aid of the Have it Your Way for Under 650 Calories menu guide, Burger King has made it easier for customers on a diet to pick lighter meals. Patrons can also opt to customize their meals to make it lighter on the calories. For example, when choosing a Side Garden Salad, opt for KEN’s Fat-Free Ranch Dressing and skip the croutons, which brings the total caloric content down to just 100 calories. When choosing a drink, go with the light or diet versions, which contain fewer calories, or better yet, choose water, apple juice or fat-free milk. You can also opt to forgo the mayonnaise and cheese to further cut calories from your diet.

If you must enjoy your burger with the works, choose to forgo any accompaniments like French fries or onion rings and wash it down with a diet soda or water. This will cut down on calories while still allowing you to enjoy the Burger King experience.

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